Happy new year from all of us at Catalyst Coaching and Mentoring. It’s that time of year again when we’re looking at the twelve months ahead and determining how we can make this year THE YEAR.  Have you set your priorities yet?  If not, to help you and give your thinking a boost, we’ve rounded up some New Year advice from top business experts.

Bring in the new but keep hold of the old

Gregg Schwartz, writing for Entrepreneur, believes that if we’re serious about business progress, we need something stronger and more sustainable than a New Year’s Resolution. He reminds us to take care of our existing customers to keep them happy, not to focus solely on acquiring new business. It’s important to keep filling up our buckets, but it’s no good if there’s a hole in the bottom, so keep your good customers close, and make the most of referral and testimonial opportunities.
Embrace Digital in 2019

Embrace digital

Schwartz also recommends evaluating your marketing efforts. If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get the same results. 2019 is the year of embracing digital and expanding your marketing portfolio to include new tactics such as search engine marketing, LinkedIn networking and a heightened focus on social media to help you achieve your goals.

Focus on flexibility

Flexibility can increase employee happiness and productivity, according to Shari Buck at Entrepreneur. Shari suggests a dedicated work from home day or meeting free day each week to give staff time to focus on their objectives and actually get that work done. You can be flexible in the way training is delivered too, by bringing in mentoring, coaching and group facilitation to generate new ideas and instil new ways of working.
Maintain Balance in 2019

Maintain balance

Balance is also important, according to Chris Myers at Forbes. Myers believes that we should move away from rating people as good or bad and decisions as right or wrong. Instead we should try to take each day at a time and make each decision based on the current facts and options, not based on previous bias.

Understand and grow yourself

Brook Manville at Forbes believes that true leadership isn’t about chasing business fads, but about finding what’s working well and focusing on it. He recommends reflecting regularly to help you understand yourself as a leader and continually growing and developing to become your best self. Manville also believes in sharing yourself, by passing on your skills, knowledge and understanding to help others grow.

Best of luck in setting your priorities for the coming year.  If you’d like some support in customer acquisition and retention, digital marketing and finding ways to become more flexible, develop and grow, we can help. Catalyst can help you to set strong business goals by helping you to find solutions and understand the steps needed to solve them. We can help you to transform your business performance using Executive Coaching, Business Mentoring, Team Coaching and Group Facilitation in London and across the UK. 100% of our customers saw a change in behaviour after working with us. Please get in touch to find out how we could help you.