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What is Executive Coaching?




‘Executive Coaching, Mentoring,

Team Coaching & Group Facilitation’

Every top athlete and sports team has a coach to help them be the best they can be. Business leaders, senior managers and business teams can now be afforded the same level of support through our Executive Coaching, Mentoring, Team Coaching and Group Facilitation.

Our aim is to help clients ‘unlock insight and transform performance’, improving the personal performance of key individuals, their teams and the business, to be the best they can be.

Business leaders, senior managers and business teams regularly face stressful or challenging situations.

They may be facing demanding growth or profit improvement targets, changes in competitor or market conditions, internal cultural or people issues, a merger or business exit or you may simply acknowledge that certain members of your senior team are stretched and would benefit from some targeted support that will really make a difference to them personally, and also to the business.

Our Executive Coaching, Mentoring, Team Coaching and Group Facilitation are all focussed on improving the performance of individuals and the organisation, based on specific needs and objectives.

Our team of qualified professionals bring a powerful blend of seasoned and experienced practitioners, sector or functional knowledge, practical business experience and a toolkit of techniques to deliver demonstrable and tangible results.


Why and when could Catalyst help you?

Clients tell us that our Executive Coaching, Mentoring, Team Coaching and Group Facilitation have delivered significant benefits for their organisation’s performance, particularly when exploring or developing new opportunities or experiencing change or challenge. These opportunities and challenges are varied in nature, complexity and scope, and impact both the organisation as a whole and its people individually.


  • Enhancing growth and performance of most valued colleagues
  • Role transitions – being prepared for promotion or recently promoted
  • Addressing specific performance issues with senior colleagues
  • Business leaders striving for the right ‘work-life’ balance
  • Enhancing collaboration
  • Managing periods of high stress
  • Challenging growth, profit or performance targets
  • Undertaking significant change
  • Prioritisation and time management
  • Improving feedback
  • Building adaptability and resilience to meet changing needs


  • Understanding all team stakeholders
  • Clarifying stakeholder wants and needs
  • Potential new stakeholders or the stakeholder changing needs
  • Ensuring stakeholders are well serviced and managed
  • Receiving consistently positive feedback
  • Aligning behind a clear and agreed team purpose
  • Using ‘team’ KPIs to encourage effective team behaviours
  • Building more collaborative and supportive team dynamics
  • Establishing a strong and productive team culture
  • Team learning and continuous performance improvement
  • Building adaptable teams for our increasingly VUCA world


  • Changing culture and behaviours
  • Developing and exploring a vision for the business
  • Strategy and business planning
  • Generating new ideas
  • Business growth
  • Addressing complex business issues
  • Exploring and evaluation options
  • Gaining consensus in decision making
  • Business performance and profitability improvement
  • Fundraising / sale of business / change of control
  • Periods of major change
  • Improving team working and team dynamics
  • Identify, embrace and deliver required transformation

Hear what BBC Radio 4 has to say about Executive Coaching and Mentoring:


How Can We Help?

Let Catalyst help you ‘Unlock Insights & Transform Performance’ through services tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives


We Get Results


Would recommend us to a friend or colleague

definite improvement in business performance
most or every session produced powerful insights and new ideas
hugely insightful and influential in resolving complex business problems
left most or every session feeling inspired and motivated
broad improvement in personal performance
broad improvement in the way that they work
identified considerable or noticeable change in behaviour
exceeded their initial expectations (100% met or exceeded)

What Our Clients Say

Businesses of all sizes and sectors across the UK value what we do

Written Testimonials

“We worked closely to resolve a significant fundamental barrier to growing our sales, which I had been aware of for years”

“I work at the sharp end (sales) in a very competitive and challenging sector. A mentor was offered to support me in achieving a very challenging increase in sales targets. The mentoring sessions were probing but sensitive and caused me to look at my actions and behaviours very differently. Whilst I would regard myself as a seasoned sales professional, Alan shared with me different approaches to sales and marketing. We worked closely to resolve a significant fundamental barrier to growing our sales, which I had been aware of for years. We built a compelling business case to articulate the barrier and outlined the recommended solution. My Managing Director really liked my recommendations and I am in the process of implementing them”.

Head of Sales, Major UK Structural Steel Company

“I was very young to be appointed to the ExCo of a PLC but found my sessions with Catalyst hugely valuable in supporting my transition.  They challenge me, forcing me to further develop my thinking, and complemented that with great practical insight from their experience”.

“Our coaching journey started with feedback from our Chairwoman and our CEO, and along with my own views, we identified a small number of key areas to explore together.  Catalyst facilitated this in a practical way often working with my day-to-day activities and challenges.  The more we explored the more insight I received.  I have really appreciated this confidential, challenging and insightful sounding board to help me think more deeply about not only my day-to-day opportunities and challenges, but also my business and personal longer term aspirations.“ 

PLC Board Director

“Alan’s insight was invaluable from the outset… I would happily recommend Alan to anyone wishing to step up their game!”

He helped me quickly change how I am perceived by colleague’s, injected real clarity and conciseness in my style of communication. He also helped me address the biggest challenges facing my team – product visioning and the prioritisation and management of complex technology R&D projects. The latter being so effective that similar processes are already adopted elsewhere in my organisation. Alan is very easy to work with and his relaxed but professional style is both supportive and challenging. I very quickly became comfortable with sharing both personal and business challenges with him, enabling me to be more confident in my work abilities“.

Research & Integration Manager, International High Tech Engineering Company

“Catalyst led us through a process which engaged my team and aligned their thinking”

“I have a start-up marketplace in the huge tutoring market.  We always have far more opportunities that we can realistically deliver.  Catalyst facilitated a planning workshop for my team.  They focused on identifying and exploring the critical success factors for both our clients and our tutors, which highlighted some very interesting new ideas and perspectives.  The workshop allowed us to translate ideas into improvement actions, and prioritise these actions by their relative impact and effort required.  But the acid test was that afterwards we all felt clear about the plan and excited to deliver it.”

Andrew Ground, CEO and co-Founder

“We uncovered extremely interesting insights and generated new perspectives and ideas – So refreshing!”

“It has been invaluable having an executive level confidant that I trust and can speak to openly. I have worked closely with Alan to explore many areas including how I get the best out of my senior team by aligning their roles with their personal strengths, as well as the market needs. This is driving fantastic results! We also worked on building stronger relationships with my peers and other board members with notable success. Alan helped me prepare for and facilitated for me an off-site ‘Strategy Day’ workshop with my Directors. Using Alan as the facilitator allowed me to contribute to the session and really listen to and understand the views of my team”.

Managing Director, Private Banking

“I have really enjoyed having a seasoned businessman to share and explore my challenges and find structured solutions”

“Prior to commencing this arrangement I had a successful business but needed guidance and support to take it to the next level. Alan has helped me to identify and prioritise opportunities and services which will be the basis of taking the business to the next level whilst clarifying focus on both personal and professional objectives”.

Robert McCartney, Managing Director, Specialist Healthcare Consultancy

“He simplified the complex brilliantly and was very easy to work with!  We would have no hesitation in recommending him”

“We design and make jewellery, which we sell in our own two stores, online and to 150 jewellery retailers and department stores around the country. We both have a degree in jewellery design. Dan is also a qualified gemologist and diamond expert. Our interest and passion is in making great jewellery to be worn and treasured so we are not great business people.

Alan helped us dissect and understand the dynamics of our complex and growing business through our financial analysis and reporting.  This was absolutely critical for us to ensure we focused on the right areas and made the right investment decisions across our retail stores, concessions, mail-order and online businesses”.

“He is a very knowledgeable guy and very easy to work with!”

“Alan’s style is great for helping me think through some of the more important and complex day-to-day and people challenges in running my business. We have worked on how to get the best from my senior people and he demonstrated considerable expertise looking at the potential for entering a new market”.

Managing Director, National Medical Product Provider

“Alan is a very sharp strategist… I now have a business that is better, more profitable and has a sustainable future”

“My original business model was beginning to stifle my ongoing growth and Alan helped me to address this by developing new services that built naturally on the businesses’ core competencies”.

James Jones, Owner & Managing Director, Carisbrook Ltd, Property Business

“Would I recommend Alan to somebody looking for a coach or mentor? Without hesitation!”

“Alan provided fresh new perspectives on my business. Working together we repositioned the business in the market, and developed and clarified our core services and business focus. Alan provides both encouragement and firm challenge both in a relaxed and supportive manner”.

Jason Rainbird, Director, Flowbird Ltd, Customer Growth Consultancy

 “Our coaching sessions were at once inspiring and insightful”

“Alan provided encouragement and guidance at a moment it was sorely needed. His breadth of experience and techniques to encourage creative thinking and problem solving, along with his professional but warm approach, helped me enormously. I would highly recommend him as a coach and mentor.”

Helen Simpson, Freelance Technical Writer and Editor

Alan Aldridge

Executive Coach / Business Mentor / Leadership Team Coach / Facilitator

Alan is the founder of Catalyst and leads our client facing team.  He started Mentoring and Coaching in the 1990s whilst a Management Consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and this continued in parallel with later business roles.  His 40 years of business experience combine Management Consultancy, leading and growing businesses, start-ups and Non-executive Director and Chairman roles.  Alan varied experience brings real depth and breadth to his Mentoring, Coaching and Facilitation activities, and a powerful blend of wisdom and experience to his role at Catalyst.

He is a qualified Accountant with Marketing, Executive Coaching and Team Coaching qualifications.

During his career he has received coverage in the media on TV news, in the national press and on national and local radio.

He is married and a father of five and along with the children who keep him active, he is a keen and competitive boxer.

Particular interests: Professional Services, Strategy, Growth, Entrepreneurs

Alan Aldridge

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