Taking Meetings from Good to Great

With 71% of meetings judged as ‘un-productive and inefficient’ (source: Harvard Business Review) and managerial staff having on average 12 meetings for week (Source: The Surprising Science of Meetings) improving the way we ‘do’ meetings is critical, but we should not simply be concerned with the amount of time meetings absorb, as the biggest risks of all is the consequences of not delivering the right outcome from the meeting, making a bad decision or making no decision.

We have developed a comprehensive and flexible model to understand the 8 Disciplines of Effective Meetings and how these relate to one another. The model is equally applicable to all meeting types – both internal, external, virtual and face-to-face.

We provide training and development on the 8 Disciplines of Effective Meetings through a highly practical, interactive and participative workshop, delivered virtually with small groups usually over 2 x 2 hour sessions, run on consecutive days.

Participants will:

  • understand each of the 8 Disciplines and how they relate to each other
  • experience and build confidence in using each of the Disciplines in a themed exercise running throughout the sessions
  • share their experience of meetings and hear the experience of others
  • receive a ‘Crib Sheet’ capturing the key learning from the workshop on one page, as a reminder for all future meetings

Additionally, participants will specifically learn:

  • how to make virtual meetings more productive and effective
  • tools and techniques for meetings to generate new ideas, work creatively, solve problems and improve quality of thinking
  • impactful techniques for chairing meetings
  • what causes meetings to break down and become ineffective
  • how to measure the effectiveness of meetings
  • the impact of a meeting’s environment and ambience and how to set-up a meeting for success
  • the research behind the maximum largest size for a productive meeting
  • the importance of trust in meetings, how our bodies react to different levels of trust, how this can impact meetings and how we can build trust

What do participants say about our workshop?

35% scored the workshop 10/10 with the average feedback score of 8.9/10

Taking Meetings from Good to Great