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Board / Group facilitation (Group Coaching)

Our experienced Facilitators will make it easier and more effective for your management group to unlock their combined knowledge, experience, perspectives and opinions, when focusing on a specific issue, task or project that ultimately impacts business performance.

Board / Group Facilitation sessions are usually focused on one or more of the following:

  1. Addressing complex business issues
  2. Developing or implementing strategy
  3. Improving business performance
  4. Building a shared understanding
  5. Building consensus for a specific strategy, decision or courses of action
  6. Enhancing group or team effectiveness  

You will find our facilitated sessions are engaging, more productive and more rewarding and enjoyable for the participants.  They also build a shared understanding, consensus and unity within the group. In essence, it helps to get the best from a group and ultimately to achieve the best outcome for the organisation.

Our skilled facilitators will guide your group through a structured but flexible process that has been developed specifically to meet your purpose and objectives. The facilitator uses their experience and a range of techniques to make the most of the knowledge, experience, perspectives and opinions of all members of the group.  At appropriate times, the facilitator may also ask probing questions, based on their own experience, to provide clarity and confirm understanding.

Based on the specific objectives set, our facilitators can intervene to assist the group in:

  • Diagnosing and understanding complex problems
  • Identifying and evaluating options
  • Supporting the group in making informed decisions
  • Gaining consensus and agreement within the group
  • Ensuring all group members contribute and feel they have contributed
  • Openly and constrictively sharing ideas, perspectives and opinions
  • Clarifying and understanding key information
  • Building more effective team dynamics

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