Team Coaching Programmes

Our qualified and experienced Team Coaches will help you better understand the characteristics of high performing teams and transition your team to become one of them. Our Team Coaching is a tailored blend of individual coaching, coaching group, group or team facilitation, teambuilding and organisational development.

Whilst every project is tailored to your specific needs and requirements, it is often useful to consider teams in the context of the 5 Disciplines of high performing teams, namely:

  1. Commissioning – gaining clarity and agreement with stakeholders and customers on what the team must deliver
  2. Connecting – engaging and communicating effectively with all key stakeholders
  3. Clarifying – confirming the team’s purpose, objectives, strategy, delivery and systems
  4. Co-creating – optimising both interpersonal and team dynamics, and a team culture
  5. Core Learning – establish mechanisms by which the team can reflect, learn and integrate learning as part of its development

All team members included will find Team Coaching sessions engaging, awareness raising and enlightening, and due to the nature of the sessions, will also gain all the additional benefits of the experiential learning style. Based on their newfound understanding of their team, the sessions will help clarify the changes required and build engagement with, and commitment to, delivering these changes and realising the benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Team Coaching

Effective team coaching is critical for the success of a business or organisation. If you want your team to implement new strategy, align their thinking, work differently together or adapt behaviour, then team coaching can help. Team coaching is popular across the UK, particularly in London. Many people have experienced the benefits of individual coaching and feel the same benefits can be rolled out to their teams.

A good way to find out is to ask for testimonials from recent clients or talk to references. A good coaching company will be keen to share references with you because they will have a long list of happy customers. You can ask companies if they have experience in your sector and ask them for some examples of how they think coaching will help your team to solve its problems.

The coaching industry isn’t specifically regulated, but there is a range of team coaching training available.  It is important to be aware that there are a number of team coaching approaches or models that can be used.  For these reasons you may wish to be cautious when selecting a team coaching provider. A good coach will have strong business acumen, extensive business experience and appropriate recognised qualifications.  Alan Aldridge is one of Catalyst’s principal business team coaches. Alan has been a management consultant for ten years, has been leading and growing businesses for more than twenty years and holds team coaching qualifications.

Your teams will benefit through improved performance, better problem solving, increased motivation and productivity, and better team dynamics. These benefits are tangible, and you will be able to measure the difference that a better-performing team makes to your bottom line.

Team coaching is about personal and professional development for the individuals and the team as a whole.  Whilst there are specific short-term interventions that team coaching can offer, experience shows that undertaking a slightly longer term programme of activities results in more effective and sustainable performance improvement. Get in touch for a chat about your goals and we can help you to determine the best length and type of programme for you and your team.

Yes! You will, and you can measure this by determining the costs that would apply if you didn’t apply coaching to the team. You can combine these savings with the cost benefits of better productivity, more profits and better relationships. Every one of our clients have told us that our coaching met or exceeded their expectations.

To find out how team coaching can help you and your team, get in touch today.