As it’s World Values Day this week, we took a closer look at leadership values. We’re helping our clients use values-based coaching and mentoring to transition their leadership from good to great.

Leadership values underpin the decisions and actions you make each day. Coaching and mentoring can help you identify these values and apply them to your decision making. Here are the five great leadership values that may be critical to your business success.

5 Great Leadership Values

5 Great Leadership Values

Vision and Innovation

Good leaders have vision in which they see the future more clearly than others, and before others. Business leaders should continually generate new ideas and explore ways to grow their business, a process that requires innovative thinking. According to Forbes innovation gives businesses an edge, helping them penetrate markets faster, enabling business growth


Authenticity is essential in creating employee loyalty, and true integrity comes across in honest communication. Inc. explain that leaders who communicate effectively by having focus in their actions, listening to others and being open to feedback excel at being great leaders. Making sure your business has good communication, modeled by you, will improve team working and team dynamics, help generate new ideas and improve business performance.


Business leaders should aspire to develop team dynamics and create a culture of collaboration. We’ve found that team synergy is critical to transforming performance. Gaining a consensus from your team when making decisions ensures that all employees are working together to achieve a shared goal; creating extra drive and motivation.


According to research by Deloitte, the millennial generation want to work for businesses who focus more on people and less on profits. Focusing on integrity when carrying out your strategic planning will help you to engage your employees and create true belief in your business.

Great Leadership Values

Great Leadership Values


The experience, advice and guidance of an expert or peer can really transform performance. Leaders can use their wisdom by acting as coaches and mentors to their teams, providing opportunities for learning, growth and improvement.

How can Catalyst help?

At Catalyst, we help business leaders and senior managers across the UK to develop business strengths that are aligned with their own values. We help leaders to communicate with integrity, unlock insight through innovation and improve performance through collaboration. We help executives to transform business performance to be the best it can be. We offer mentoring and executive coaching programmes, group facilitation and consulting support tailored to your needs and objectives.

We bring a powerful blend of practical business experience and a toolkit of techniques to deliver demonstrable and tangible results. That’s why 100% of our customers would recommend us to others. Take a look at some of our results.

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