Targeted Coaching Programmes

Using our proprietary ‘Targeted Coaching Framework’ and techniques, our Coaches will work with you to explore, understand and address a specific challenge or help you capitalise on an opportunity. Targeted Coaching is an accelerated learning and development technique that seamlessly blends best practices in coaching with appropriate business models, methodologies, approaches and ways of thinking, to quickly and comprehensively develop understanding and expertise. The programmes are specific to your requirements and the sector in which you operate. Targeted Coaching Programmes are delivered on a one-to-one basis but depending on the subject area, may also be delivered in small groups.

Catalyst offers Targeted Coaching Programmes for the following challenges and opportunities:

  1. Role Transition – supporting business leaders and managers preparing for a promotion or quickly and effectively stepping up after a promotion, and any other significant change in role
  2. Growth, Business Development and Sales – supporting business leaders, business development and sales professionals to challenge their existing strategies and approaches and develop and deploy new strategies and techniques to accelerate sales and growth
  3. Challenging People, Conversations and Situations – supporting business leaders, directors and managers to build confidence and effectiveness in working with challenging people, holding difficult conversations and dealing with awkward situations
  4. High Performing Teams – supporting business leaders and team leaders in better understanding what a high performing team should look like, exploring areas of weaker team performance in their team(s) and identify actions and techniques to improve team performance
  5. Leader Revitalisation – it can be lonely and tiring at the top but it is critical that business leaders and key managers remain at the ‘top of their game’. Leader Revitalisation is a refreshing and stimulating programme, enhancing energy levels, motivation and focus.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Targeted Coaching

If you want to improve in a specific area and want to develop your expertise to improve your business performance, then focused coaching is for you. Many people who come to us for Targeted Coaching have been trying to succeed in a certain area, such as preparing for or stepping up after a promotion, and haven’t seen the results they are looking for, so they’re looking for help to progress and succeed.

Solution focused coaching is similar to Targeted Coaching in which we will help you to find solutions to a specific problem and find ways to overcome the hurdles that are stopping you from making progress. We will help you become more successful personally and professionally. This approach uses proven business principles to base discussions on, helping to maintain a focus and bring new ideas into the room.

Yes. Solution focused coaching, goal focused coaching and targeted coaching are similar methods with slightly different names. Our targeted coaching helps you to find solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Yes, effectiveness can be measured. It can be calculated by reviewing the costs that would apply if you didn’t hire an executive coach and allowed business problems to be unresolved. You can then combine the savings with the cost benefits of increased productivity, bigger profits and better business relationships. 100% of catalyst’s clients reported that coaching met or exceeded their expectations, which shows that coaching has a significant impact on business and personal success.

Coaching usually takes place either face-to-face or over video conferencing, depending on your preferences and other practicalities. If you coaching you face-to-face, we usually recommend to do this outside the workplace to avoid the usual day-to-day distractions and to provide you with an environment in which you are comfortable. Our Job is to make you feel comfortable, so we are happy to coach you where and in a away of your choice.

An excellent coach will help you to develop new ways of working and help you to solve business problems. Effective coaching will improve your sales performance, your customer service and your profitability.  100% of Catalyst’s clients have reported a definite improvement in business performance, so if you’re looking for business improvement and change management, business coaching is the way to go.

It’s easy to become part of a company culture, to gain feedback from only certain people, and to think in certain ways. The way you think is determined by the people you speak to, the things you read and everything you see online. Your thought patterns can begin to block your creativity and ability to find solutions. A coach or mentor can help you to find solutions and discover new ways to learn and grow.

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