To complement our Mentoring, Coaching and Board / Group Facilitation, we offer a range of consulting services through our network of experienced associates.

  • Management Consultancy
  • Website Development
  • Corporate and Growth Strategy Development     
  • SEO
  • Intelligent Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • CRM
  • Customer Growth Strategies
  • HR projects and/or support

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Frequently Asked Questions about Business Consultancy

At Catalyst, our consulting services complement our mentoring and coaching programmes.  Normally the need for business consultancy is identified through our existing Executive Coaching and Mentoring relationships.  For SME clients, we also provide consultancy in a range of different disciplines that they may not have access to including web development, search engine optimisation, digital marketing, intelligent marketing, customer relationship management and human resources. When a need is identified, we select one of our expert business consultants to work closely with you based on an agreed set of project objectives, scope and deliverables.

We will only recommend a consultancy service to you if you have shown a clear need for this in our interactions.  For many challenges you may face, our Executive Coaching or Mentoring support would be the best way to give you the options for resolution and the confidence to move forward. However, on some occasions, there are specific business problems that call for help from a specialist. This is where our consultants come in. Imagine you have a great marketing funnel and know how to generate hundreds of leads, but you don’t have a system for collating customer data and making sure you manage relationships effectively. This is where a CRM consultant can come in. If your website looks great but it doesn’t attract new business, our digital marketing consultant can help you to get the best out of your digital assets. Working with our consultants is about achieving maximum return on investment, so you will work with them on a set project with clear outputs and financial measurements. We’re here to help you achieve your business objectives and unlock improvements that couldn’t have been achieved without us.

Our management consultants will help you to solve problems, add value to your processes, help you to achieve growth and improve business performance. We can give unbiased and objective advice, offer varied expertise and bring new skills and experience to your boardroom or teams.

In our years of Coaching and Mentoring experience, we’ve seen the technological landscape changing at a dramatic rate, and we find that many client are trying to unravel the mystery of effective online marketing. Many of our clients are tied up in confusing SEO contracts or are being held hostage by web developers. We can bring impartial, honest advice, based on the latest technology and search engine algorithms, to make sure you’re getting the best results from your website and online activity.

In the same way that digital marketing can be a mystery to people without a strong technological background, we have found that many clients struggle to know what’s right in terms of their marketing strategy. You may have a marketing department that is stuck in a rut, or you may not have the luxury of a dedicated marketing resource and may be relying on support from agencies. We can look at your current strategy, align it with your overarching business strategy, and map out a clear marketing path to ensure a strong return on your marketing investment.

Many companies have a strong sales strategy, but don’t have the processes in place to manage customers once the leads are generated. We can bring our extensive experience to help you make sure that the customers you’re attracting become loyal and stay with your business for a lifetime.

HR law is a specialist discipline, is always changing, and is most likely to get you into hot water if you take action without the right advice. Our HR consultancy can provide you with the advice and support you need to implement change, develop new processes, or manage a difficult situation such as severance or major restructures. This service would be especially beneficial during change management or merger integration.

Each industry has its own qualifications, for example our marketing and digital marketing consultants are qualified with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. All our consultants also have extensive business experience. Alan Aldridge, a consultant at Catalyst, has been consulting for ten years with PwC and has a 20-year track record of leading and growing businesses in London and across the UK.

To find out how consulting can help you and your business, get in touch. Find out more about our consultancy services.